Here is our top list for Email Marketing Services

Are you looking to get into email marketing? Email marketing is the best way to connect to your visitors, build an engaging relationship, and convent them into customers.

Finding the email marketing tool that contains the features you require is a crucial part of creating your successful business. Every email marketing tool out there has their own unique features that sets them apart from others.

What are Email Marketing tools?

An Email Marketing tool (or mail Marketing Services) is a software used for email campaigns and visitors engagement, such as:

  • Email Building
  • Sending Newsletters/Emails
  • Optimized emails
  • Measuring email metrics

Email Marketing Tools are used throughout the industry and are the most useful and powerful tools out there for visitors engagement.

Top 3 Email Marketing Tools for FREE 2020


Outgrow - email Marketing Services

Outgrow is one of the best free email marketing tools on the market with features from Polls to Giveaways and lets you create stunning high-converting interactive pages with Calculations, Quizzes & more..

When using this software to create content, you can choose to start from a template or from scratch. If you decide to start from scratch, they have many different video tutorials on their YouTube channel demonstrating the use of all features and aspects of their website.

They help build your email audience by requiring an email to complete surveys, giveaways, polls and others.

Here are some videos from their YouTube channel

In conclusion, this is at the top of our list because of the amount of quality features and the easy to use design. If you are a beginner, we recommend trying this free trial below and follow along to their tutorial guides!

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Unbounce - email Marketing Services

Unbounce offers a lot more than just email marketing assistance, unbounce has features ranging from Landing Pages to Product Security. 

With Unbounce, creating beautiful Landing pages and email registration popups has never been easier. With guided tutorials and an amazing setup layout, you’ll be able to create your perfect design within minutes.

Unbounce has a score of 4.4/5 on, and is favoured by many for its unique features and easy to use layout. If you are looking for software that focuses on multiple features, Unbounce is definitely worth looking at.

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Poptin - email Marketing Services

Poptin is a favorite amongst many, including ourselves at WantedThat. We have been using Poptin since we began and have constantly been impressed with the features, usability, support and frequent updates.

With a wide range of well designed templates, Poptin allows you to create engaging pop ups within minutes. These pop ups can be set to activate under certain events or circumstances, such as:

  • Only activating on a certain page/post
  • After X amount of time
  • On a click event, like clicking “Contact Us”
  • When a user is about to leave the webpage 
  • And more…

Embedded Forms

Poptin also provides easy to create embedded forms for your website with a wide variety of types of fields designed to get leads, collect feedback and get relevant information from your visitors. Here are some types of fields covered:

  • Email field – Capture validated email addresses of your visitors 
  • Checkbox – Let your visitors select what they need
  • Dropdown – Let your visitors choose from a list of values
  • Date – Let your visitors select a specific date with a calendar widget 


Create designed or plain email templates that will be sent automatically to your subscribers once they submit a form or a pop up on your website. Edit the font, add images, links, emojis, lists or anything that matches your brand. This editor also allows for easy HTML editing.

See all the metrics you need such as, how many subscribers open your emails, how many have clicked on a link and how many people have subscribed/unsubscribed.

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You can sign up to poptin and create your first pop up for free by clicking here

Those are our Top 3 Email Marketing services for 2020!

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