Here are the TOP 5 Ring Lights that we’ve found as of October 8th 2020!

What is a Ring Light?

Have you ever wondered how Instagram models and celebrities like, Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and many others seem to have taken the perfect photo with flawless lighting? The secret is, they are using Ring Lights.

A ring light is a hula hoop of light, leaving space for your smartphone or camera to be positioned in the centre. Ring Lights are often used to have a completely lit frame without any shadows.

Whether you make YouTube videos, post Instagram photos, create Tik Toks or enjoy photography, a Ring Light will take your setup to the next level.

Here are the TOP 5 Ring Lights being used in 2020!

No 1. Neewer 18” LED Ring Light

For starters, how about we take a gander at the Neewer Dimmable 18 Inch Diameter 55W LED Light Kit. This is an extraordinary worth and an exceptionally valuable unit. Neewer is a maker and distributer of expert DSLR and photography hardware, including streaks, battery grasps, far off shade controls, camera and telephone focal points, and other photograph video and camera telephone related items.

This takes the number one spot as a result to the incredible price tag.

I initially became aware of Ring Lights just over 8 years ago, and have specifically opted to go for the Neewer Lights & equipment. In fact I have been recommended Neewer by many professional photographers over the the years, therefore, it has been placed at the number 1 spot.

The 18″ light conveys a persistent yield of Daylight adjusted 5500K, and two arrangements of channels that fit legitimately on the ring light, delicate white and orange.

No 2. IVISII 19” LED Ring Light

The IVISII 19 Inch Ring Light is definitely up there with the best. This is the largest Ring Light on our list today and also has a lot more than just size. The quick adjustment of the brightness through 25%-50%-75% and 100%, and color temperature ranging from 3000K-5800K.

The LCD Display shows the Brightness, color temperature, channels and group settings which are easier to operate. Made of 240 pieces of LED beads, with a total power output of 55W.

This great package comes with the full kit, 1x 19″ LED Ring Light, 1(set) White Plastic Filter, 1x Smartphone holder, 1x Adapter+1xUK Plug, 1x Carry Bag, 1x Screwdriver, 1x 74Inch Light Stand, 1x Standard 1/4″ camera mounting bracket, 1x 1.4″ mini ball head mounting bracket.

No 3. Andoer 18” LED Ring Light

With 18 inch annular appearance plan, the roundabout catchlights can be taken effectively, which makes your eyes look extremely beguiling.

Stepless change setting, the splendor can be balanced from 0% to 100%. The fixed shading temperature of its 600 LED light dabs is 5500K. CRI is more than 90.

Accompanies one 2800K orange shading channel and one white shading channel, meeting various situations and making the light more delicate and even.

The video light’s lodging receives excellent ABS, with better surface, high effect obstruction, heat opposition, which will well ensure the inherent LED globules.

Two virus shoe attachments are plan on the video light, which can be utilized along with the included hot shoe ballhead and telephone holder, reasonable for telephone photography.

The pack additionally incorporates one 183cm metal light stand, which has a three phase flexible shaft and elastic feet, invigorating it extraordinary for rock solid work. Can be all around utilized with the Andoer video light.

No 4. FOSITAN 18” LED Ring Light

Dimmable 240 LED Ring Light: It has 240pcs LED dabs with a wide dimmable range from 10–100%. Lightweight and compact LED SMD plan, You can alter light conditions to accomplish a wide assortment of skin tones to suit your creation needs.

With a White and Orange Color Filter: Dimmable SMD LED ring light pack gives cool temperatures of 3200K/5500K, this channel changes the shooting impact, and can modify the skin tone in the picture, and can likewise mellow the light source.

For the best using of this ring light, the angle of the tripod supporting feet better >90°, highly recommend to stretch to 1.6m maximum.2. If you need to stretch the light stand to the highest 2.1m, you can align the ring head to any one of the tripod’s supporting feet, then the light will be in a steady position.

No 5. Neewer 12” LED Ring Light 

Dimmable 14″/36cm LED SMD Ring Light with a wide dimming range from 1%-100%. Special LED SMD design, lightweight and portable. This 61″/155cm light stand is constructed from aluminium alloy, giving it exceptional strength for heavy duty work

White & Orange Colour Filter Set: Made of high light transmission plastic material, which is light weight, steady colour temperature and low loss.

The soft tube makes the light rotate freely for the best position. The kit also additionally a hot shoe adapter for most DSLR camera, a smart phone holder, and a Bluetooth receiver.


So, from the Top 5 Ring Lights – Which one should you chose? You’ll need to weigh all your needs and wants, comparing them to the options available. Any one of these does the job a ring light is designed for. All of them are high quality and each of them deserves a spot in this list of five best ring lights. You can check out this cool tutorial and hack on how best to use a ring light.

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